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Unspoken Vanity

In an everlasting search for connection, awkward moments emerge from fear of judgement and disapproval while sharing one’s being. Looking foolish by breaking rules of social etiquette make some cringe with anxiety. This fear quickly turns into self consciousness, making many feel inferior with self doubt, and leads to isolation from heart healthy relationships. Society will stop at nothing to escape this unbearable tension, and its became commonplace to trade one’s identity with the status quo to simplify social interaction.

It’s difficult to track happiness, so a system of statistical tyranny led children to chase the highest grades and adults the highest salaries. All victors deserve a trophy, which fueled a ranking system to define beauty and label women as gold, silver, and bronze. To earn the golden girl, men have the right to overcome self defense mechanisms, break fear barriers, and feel empowered only when power and wealth is obtained. Men have to ditch passionate careers for ones with the highest salaries no matter the emotional and physical costs. Intelligence comes second to salary. To prove self worth, men show girls thrilling entertainment, unseen experiences, and luxury materials to win a girls heart. Men chase prestige and fame in hopes to earn power. Cool is attractive, so men climb the social ladder to add an extra layer of social proof. Cool can even be worn with nice clothes and awesome cars to imitate beauty.

Once the checklist is complete, men no longer feel awkward, and feel confident to approach women. Only the ideal knight in shining armor can achieve an endless tirade of lust with trophy women and marry the fantasy cinderella.This confidence aura lead girls to notice us, appreciate us, and approach us. With all these achievements, a wife fitted with both style and beauty is found to perform all our fantasies. A dynasty with beautiful kids can form. Show all that rejected us they missed out and prove to heartbreaks that we were the best they ever had. Our sense of reality was the best path forward. The success of the last laugh. Confidence finally trumps all, and the reward is won. The dream future is complete.

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