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Simple Steps for Fabulous Sex

Sex is a very important part of the life. Sex is the one important part of your life through which you can make your happy. Yes, satisfactory sex life is directly proportional to the happy life. Everyone wants his sex life to be fabulous. But, reality is something different because many couples nowadays are taking the divorce because of the unsatisfactory sex life. Thus, here are some simple steps for the fabulous sex and save your spoiled marriage.

1. Foreplay

You will start enjoying your sexual encounters once you make foreplay as the mandatory part of it. You should start your sexual activity with the foreplay first and then you should indulge in the hardcore sex. Foreplay is just like the warm-up that you do before the exercise. Foreplay increases the sexual stimulation and makes you ready for the pleasurable sexual activity.

sexy-girls2. Concentrate on your Partner

Avoid being self conscious. Learn to concentrate on your partner’s body and what he or she wants you to do. Don’t concentrate only on the reproductive organs of your partner. Try to concentrate on the whole body. There are many erogenous parts in the body that can arouse your partner. Thus, avoid concentrating only on your own body.

3. Avoid Intercourse Soon

Intercourse is the ultimate pleasure that should be kept at the last. Trying intercourse soon will not satisfy your ladylove because women take long time to achieve orgasm. It is really bad idea to go for intercourse as your ladylove is still not ready for the intercourse. Women need to be aroused before you go for intercourse, this will make women relax and allow her vaginal muscles to relax. It will make intercourse as a joy ride for both the partners.

4. Play with the Body

It is very necessary to make the sexual encounter playful. You should remember that sexual encounter is not the serious act; it is a playful act in which both the partners actively participate to win the game of sex. Play different games to make your sex life spicier and to avoid the boredom. Women usually like the men who are playful in the sexual activity rather than serious.

5. Make it Passionate

Try to make your sexual activity more passionate by caressing each other. Compliment each other for their body postures during the sexual activity. This will add more passion to your sexual encounter. Avoid making the sexual intercourse mechanical. Make it more passionate by making sounds and screams when you enjoy certain acts of your partner. T

6. Kiss

Kiss is considered to be a very important part of the sexual activity. You can consider that sexual activity is incomplete without the kiss. Women love the kissing act very much and are aroused once they are kissed by their partner. Thus, all the men should remember to kiss their partner more during the sexual encounter.

asian-girls-277. Try Different Positions

Trying always a single position makes the sex life more and more boring for both the partners. Try some new positions like women on top, sideways positions, etc to make the sex life more enjoyable. You can also refer to some books like KamaSutra to learn about the new positions. Please remember to discuss with your partner the new positions and both the partners should be ready to try the new sexual positions.

8. Seduce Each to Her

Seduction is age old key for the extreme sexual pleasure. Seduction can help you to arouse your partner and make him involved in sex at its fullest. Try to seduce your partner by wearing the sexy lingerie and by removing it slowly one by one. You will really get a very good sexual pleasure.

9. Make it Slow

You must have heard that slow and steady wins the race. The same rule applies for the sex. Patience is called as the key for the satisfactory sexual encounter. Be slow while indulging in sex. Pay attention toward each and every body part of your partner, go slow and stimulate each and every part of your partner that he or she likes. Slow sex will give more time for men to attain a perfect stage for intercourse that will give a unforgettable experience to your partner.

10. Pay special attention to your partner likes and dislikes

Please show the interest toward what your partner likes or what he/she dislikes. It is very necessary to pay attention to what your partner likes. Concentrate more on what your partner likes and avoid those things that your partner dislikes. It is very necessary to share with your partner what you like and dislike. So that it becomes clear for both the partners.

Hence, be free and comfortable with each other and enjoy your sex life by following these simple steps.

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