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How Much Money Can a Stripper Make?

The world has continued to develop over the years leading to the development of a number of new industries, especially in the service sector that were previously not viewed as stable jobs in the past. One of the occupations that has steadily grown in popularity over the years is stripping. A large number of strip clubs have emerged worldwide and this has led to the demand for more strippers to occupy these positions. Individuals are able to turn to this service sector for a stable income, or simply as a source of additional revenue for those who may be looking to enhance their earnings in order to make ends meet.

Those considering joining the stripper business may be wondering what the actual revenue potential is in this sector. The amount of money that someone is able to make as a stripper is not set in stone, and potential earnings can be dependent on a number of factors. These elements will determine the amount of money that a stripper is able to make. Firstly, it should be noted that a stripper earns their money from a number of sources that are related to their occupation. Unlike more traditional professions, a stripper’s money can be tied to a number of personal attributes, choices and preferences with regard to how they approach this service.

Some of the factors that can influence how much a stripper is able to make include:

The Shift Allocated

The shift that a stripper is allocated by a club (that is, the time they are scheduled to go on stage) can play a big role in how much money they are able to make. Generally, strippers who go on during the night shift will make more money than those who are given the day shift. This is due to the fact that people mostly visit strip clubs during nightly hours as compared to during the day. This means that more money is generally spent by clients during the night as compared to the day. Those working the night shift are able to gain more tips from their performances as compared to those working during the day, as a result of more people in the clubs.

The Location

The particular club that a stripper is based in can also influence the amount of money they are able to make. There are a number of popular clubs that have made a name for themselves and as such attract a large number of patrons. These clubs will obviously contain more opportunities with regard to higher tips for the strippers that are based in such locations. The area where the club is located could also play a role in the kind of tips a stripper is able to get. Those based in highly urbanized regions will likely contain people willing to spend more money as compared to those in more rural regions.

Other factors that could influence the amount of money a stripper can make include the number of shifts they take on, additional services offered and their client base. All in all, stripping can be a great way to make money if one is aware of the factors influencing the income.

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